“Sanquali” in Bitten by Moonlight

While we are still living in a city of boxes (and we can’t put out recycling until Sunday night), just a very quick post to note that my novella, “Sanquali,” is now out as part of the lesbian werewolf anthology Bitten by Moonlight edited by Joselle Vanderhooft.

My own copy has not yet arrived, so I don’t know much about the other stories, but if you want your Georgette Heyer queerer, hairier and about the servants with some really, really creepy mythology behind it, you’ll want to check “Sanquali” out.

The anthology is available in both hard copy and ebook.

5 thoughts on ““Sanquali” in Bitten by Moonlight”

  1. It’s perfect timing, as we just got an amazing Asus Transformer tablet which I plan to use as an e-reader. So I tested it out by buying the book last night.

    Note to other readers: I had the pleasure of reading some early “Sanquali” and it was fantastically creepy.

  2. So torn about this! I hate werewolves. But I love, love, love your writing style. Any way you could post a teeny excerpt? That would sell me and maybe lots of others as well! The Amazon free sample only has the beginning of “Silver Moon”.

    1. I am totally going to do a bigger post in the next couple of days talking both about writing the story and with an excerpt. It’s the first time I’ve written lesbians as main characters as well as the first time I’ve written something that explicitly comes out of my own cultural background (the story is set in an alternate Rome) and it was a weird experience.

      (also, thank you! And if it’s any consolation, I was sort of like “Werewolves? I’ve never thought about werewolves before.”)

    2. I went through the exact same thing with Mira Grant’s Feed – http://www.thefeedbook.com/ (end shameless plug) – because I love everything else the author has written, but dude, ZOMBIES. (It wound up being a worthwhile gamble in my case; I hope you love Racheline’s story as much as I did the Newsflesh universe.)

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