Moving is its own time zone

I’ve been absent of late. Not just from this blog, but from my life. The thing about moving is that there is only moving.

The good news is that we have a date, a plan, keys to the new place and a fabulous couch on the way. We’ve also just come back from the beach (which is its own post because of the town we usually go to and its part in America’s wacky religious history). But it’s crunch time now, and I doubt you’ll hear much of anything from me, deep or casual, beyond a bit of Twittering until the move is done.

But, I can still tell you a few random things, including that a guy I’ve known in passing forever (seriously, he’s like a random spoke in every social circle I’m in, it seems), is doing Kickstarter fundraising for his board game, Oh My God! There’s an Axe in My Head!.

I also just want to jump up and down briefly not just about the fact that I’m going to see Darren Criss in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, but that one of my dearest friends is coming to NYC for the first time to go with me. Apparently we’re going to be going to piano bars and Ghostbusters locations. Nerdiest weekend, EVAR. Although, I can’t help being put in mind of the fact that about a billion years ago this happened.

Meanwhile, in an effort to foster discussion (no, really), I need advice on what color claw caps to get the cats to protect the new sofa. Weigh in! Or something.

Finally, as an aside, I post a lot about my personal and my working life here and the giant grey area in between. What I do post here isn’t, however, comprehensive. It can’t be, and it shouldn’t be. I have lots of balls in the air all the time with both short- and long-term projects and possibilities. And just because I totally talk about some stuff before it’s ready for public consumption doesn’t mean I’m obligated to talk about anything before that moment happens or that I actually have any consistent habit or policy around that sort of stuff, because I totally don’t. The more the Internet gives us the illusion that we can see the whole of anyone’s life, the more it actually becomes impossible for that to be the case. It’s sort of a neat trick, but one I suppose we’re all still learning how to navigate.

Anyway, I promise, thinky thoughts will be back next week. This will finally include some writing about the latest season of Torchwood and possibly something on the ever wavering semi-structure that is Glee‘s fourth wall.

9 thoughts on “Moving is its own time zone”

  1. Those cat claws look like a cat version of Lee Press-on nails. Be careful that they don’t come to life to scratch on your door.

    Have you tried a new scratching post as well? Something with sisal, and maybe bare wood.

    On the new couch, there are several things you can use to repel the cats from scratching. (I’m assuming telling you that cats don’t like slick surfaces won’t help because you’ve already ordered it. Some cats also like to ‘kill’ leather. Leather brings out their ‘little hunter’ mode.)

    Go to PetsMart online and they have a variety of items designed to keep cats from trying to see if the couch would make a good scratching post.

    The cat claws should match their collar colors of course. Or if y’all have a decor color theme, perhaps match them to that? (Or just get a rainbow of colors?)

    And I’m not bored, I’m just sitting with my mom while my dad runs an errand. (Mom still has mobility issues, and she doesn’t like to be home alone for long periods of time.)

  2. I’ve been wibbling hard about ‘How to Succeed’. I could TECHNICALLY afford to fly over for the last matinee. But it would mean dipping into my savings to pay for flights, which I promised myself I wouldn’t do. (And I’m already going to BE in NY a month later…) I am ever so tempted, though…

    (Also I totally sympathise with moving-land. This time last year i had barely emerged from a fortnight of spending all my not-at-work time moving house.)

  3. Your cats need some glitter caps. I like the firecracker combo, with red and glitter ones.

    That weird moment in time at Private Lives remains one of my favorite stories. That trip was the most fun.

    1. I’m totes gonna second the firecracker suggestion, as well as rainbow and orange (because I think everything should be orange).

      Not knowing what your cats look like makes this harder, of course. I wouldn’t want the claw caps to _clash_.


  4. It’s really hard to decide on the soft paws without knowing the cats’ color.. no, really, I think we need pictures. For the discussion, of course. 😉

    Though, tbh, I’m terribly prosaic about this kind of stuff. I’d probably take the clear ones. Or maybe black (mine are both tabbies, so it’d match the stripes.)

  5. >doesn’t mean I’m obligated to talk about anything before that moment happens

    … or ever, for that matter.

  6. I played a demo of that game at some convention or other some many years ago. I remember enjoying it.

    That sounds like faint praise. That’s more due to memory fading with time, my probably having been half-asleep at the time, and the inherently incomplete experience in demos than actual unenthusiasm. I’d encourage people to check the game out for themselves; it’s certainly not a waste of time.

    I’m excited by what seems to be a new trend in getting some good games to market using Kickstarter.

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