cons are awesome

The thing about cons is no matter how much you wake up feeling as if you are in a world of hurt, someone else is way more in a world of hurt than you. That said: jet lag, strange bed, odd hotel temperatures, travel food woes and a bit of alcohol (and, okay, to be fair, gluten-free oreos for breakfast) and I am not really at my best right about now.

Con is excellent. I went went to some programming, which is not something I always get motivated to do. Guest banquet was also fun. Have heard some small trivia regarding the new season of Torchwood that is probably profoundly not important to most people, but that I’m utterly satisfied with. But, clearly it is too early for me to be blogging; I seem low on adjectives and high on adverbs. But I am listening to that Prodigy/Enya mash up. Again.

Today is the exciting Whedonistas launch. I’ve already got my contributor copies in hand. If you’re here at Gally, please drop by at 3pm in the Atlanta room. You can pick up your copy of the book in the dealers room and an autograph session will follow the panel in the autograph area.

Thanks to Christian, many of us are wearing buttons that say If you meet Ianto Jones on the road, kill him. I think we all have different sentiments about them (from philosophical to the mere need to preserve the time line), but they’ve been sort of universally been about love, not flame bait, and that’s been lovely, and, in its own way, deeply sentimental. I suppose it’s a little like agreeing to shoot someone you love in the head if they get bitten by zombies and turned.

Less philosophically, my favorite ribbon of the con, provided by Tony Lee, says, Show me on K9 where the Time Lord touched you.

Meanwhile, I spoke to Patty last night. She may be on her way to another location by the time I speak to her next. All is well at the dig, and she has informed me that it has been decided that the dig that she is a pirate queen and her little assistant that the other girls insist on calling a demon (and Patty calls the assistants in the other trenches demons as well — it’s some competition all the girls started over who can be called a demon the most or something) is her General. No, I don’t know. But it’s very awesome. She sounds very happy, but I really, really miss her. I remain somewhat surprised by how grueling I’ve found this whole travel/away thing we’ve had going on since the fall.

Right now, though, I really, really need some scrambled eggs.

All things are possible. After breakfast.

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