Greetings from sunny L.A. trash day

I’ve had less than six hours of sleep. My voice had already dropped half an octave from overuse and exhaustion. I’m having menstrual pain so bad everything from my ribcage to my ankles hurts. And I really, really miss Patty. On the other hand, I’m at Gallifrey One and I have a pin that says If you meet Ianto Jones on the road, kill him. It’s philosophical and preserving the time-line all at once!

I’m more disconnected from news media than I’ve been in ages. That feels needed and welcome, but also weird. There’s important stuff going on in Bahrain (where doctors are being beaten by authorities for trying to treat injured protesters), Yemen (which is often considered too poor, too tribal, too unmotivated, and too risky to have democracy to garner the coverage it deserves), Iran (where gathering and transmitting news about the scale of the current protests is extremely challenging), the rest of the MENA countries, and Wisconsin. Do me a favor and check out the big news stuff before you play with my links below. Even if you’re no where near any of tose places, this is your world and there is stuff happening in it.

Meanwhile, you may agree or disagree with whether Detroit Needs Robocop, but Detroit is getting Robocop. Lots of people have gotten on board, and the money has been raised.

Also in the realm of crowd funding, a buddy that I know via Gallifrey, Salina, is raising funds on IndieGogo for her film about DADT, Resistance.

Come to think of it, I know a lot of people because of this con. That includes some of the folks who make Yipe!, a pro-quality fanzine about costuming. Get some.

Next, in the department of things I thought EVERYONE on the Internet knew, but chitchat at LobbyCon last night revealed those who had not yet heard the news: Dogs in Elk. Before there was Hyperbole and a Half, there were two dogs stuck in an Elk ribcage and a human about to host a dinner party. Hilarity and less than helpful advice on the Internet ensues.

Finally, in today’s wealth of random, last night I was introduced to multiple mixes? mash-ups? — this is a corner of the media world where I don’t know the right terminology — of Enya and Prodigy. More specifically, “Orinoco Flow” will now be stuck in my head FOREVER. If you Google on this you will find many, many variations on a theme, but I haven’t found the AMAZING one I heard last night to link you to yet (because I can’t remember the URL I was told). But it’s out there, and I’ll get you an update at some point. You should, however, be able to manage some satisfaction on your own.

3 thoughts on “Greetings from sunny L.A. trash day”

  1. Holy shit Robocop is funded. YES. I’m a big fan of public statuary. Somewhere, there’s a guy who collects statues of Communist leaders that were knocked down or removed post Soviet collapse. I’ve always wanted to be that guy.

    The protests in Wisconsin are amazing. I have to tip my hat to the Democrats, because Texas Democrats did something similar several years ago. Regardless of whether their gesture is effective in the long term, it really energizes one to see your representative willing to get arrested to protest something.

  2. Dogs in Elk! Is hilarious and completely believable if you know dogs. I have to share with another friend who trains English shepherds as search and rescue dogs. If she hasn’t seen it, she’ll love it!

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