Yeah, so this theme of agency keeps coming up….

So I achieved new stuff on Sunday. I have forward swizzles now and think I might even be able to figure out the backwards ones on my own on Wednesday. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t fallen… intentionally or otherwise.

But I find myself exhausted, less from the work than from existing in 2018. So that, combined with skating successes don’t necessarily make me  a terribly poetic writer.

However, on the theme of this year and exhaustion —

So here’s why I really like skating other than that it’s fun and feels good:

  • My fears are treated as reasonable or at least meriting reasonable discussion on terms I actively agree to.
  • My bravery is noted and respected and is for an actual thing I chose.
  • I am given the opportunity to work hard and that is actually acknowledged.
  • I am treated like a competent person who will get there.
  • My body is regarded as a tool, but one exclusively for my own use.
  • My happiness matters.

How much of the rest of 2018 feels like this?

Yeah, exactly.

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