Personal: coming attractions

If I’ve discovered nothing else in the last few weeks, it’s that it’s almost impossible to do anything else while co-producing a show.

But, of course, there’s been other things to do: I’ve an essay due by the 20th for something, and Patty comes home on Monday. There’s been the hard news analytics work I don’t generally talk about here, and there’s also been friends and music and adventures, and being dragged out to bars at 11pm on a Monday.

There’s been the work my upstairs neighbors (one of them a landscape designer it turns out) have done on our now glorious yard, and spending time with people I have known since I was a child, even if by child what I mean is the year I was 19 and I thought I knew what I was doing being all clever and coy.

But I haven’t really had time to write here, not in an organized way. Even if I do have things to say about Tyrion Lanister and leader-of-men speeches, about how only we maybe believe them from the men we are told should not be leaders, because only they can know what to say to lead the terrified into battle.

I have random things to say about Glee too — Kurt Hummel’s collection of death related brooches is probably top of the list. And I keep thinking that today is the day that Ianto Jones died on Torchwood, but actually, I’m just forgetful and eager, because that’s actually next month.

Meanwhile, I desperately want to see Snow White and the Huntsman (which I’m sure will give me things to write about) and, I guess, The Avengers so I can keep up with what everyone is talking about.

But right now, and speaking of fairy tales, I am reading Chris Colfer’s The Land of Stories.

It’s an odd read for me, as I barely do YA, and this is meant for an even younger audience, but once it finds its voice and the the location it actually wants to be set in, it’s quite luminous, and, at least so far, uniquely melancholy. Even if it’s not really my sort of book at all, it’s a little bit the right one at the right time, and certainly, I’m excited enough to think about how I’m going to write about it as I am reading it.

So I promise I’ll be back soon, with cogent and perhaps excessive arguments about ridiculous things. I’ll have some announcements of stuff coming out soon, I think, as well (publishing is glacial, my friends, glacial), and I should probably backtrack enough to talk about the BEA children’s author breakfast, at which every speaker was truly stellar.

There’s also a slight chance I’ll blog about tomorrow’s Starkid show (even though I still don’t get it) through my regret that Patty couldn’t go with me to be boggled and outraged by this tour’s archaeology theme (when I thought she might be able to join me, I was seriously considering making me write a guest post on it — trust me when I say we’re all the poorer for that not happening).

In the meantime, I hope you’re having a lovely not-quite-summer-yet thus far, and if you do come to Dogboy & Justine, please be sure to take a moment to say hello.

One thought on “Personal: coming attractions”

  1. I saw both Snow White and The Avengers in about a two day span. I almost enjoyed Snow White (I don’t know your feelings on spoilers, so I will not elaborate) and thought Avengers was good as is, and fantastic having been hyped up for ages by Tumblr fangirls being squeeful.

    Soyeah. Those.

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