Personal: A quick update

Hey, world.

I’m still on the road — back in Switzerland, in fact, after massive travel snafus leaving Hanoi and adventures in India with my lovely Patty, but I’ll be back in New York City on Saturday night, and I can’t wait.

So what’s up? Well, in the week I return I’ve got an essay for a book due on the 15th and auditions happening for the musical I’m making with some awesome people. I also really, really need to file my taxes and deal with all sorts of ridiculous administrativa at home.

Of course, I also need to blog here. After all, I finished The Hunger Games and its sequels; Glee‘s back; I caught up with Sherlock on a flight; and saw a truly excellent film while in Delhi.

While you may get that Glee post from me as soon as tonight, with time differences, work load, needing to call my family (it’s my dad’s birthday), and being deeply engaged in some time-sensitive creative activities, you also may not (in part because I dropped my laptop in Hanoi and after a brief recovery it stopped being willing to charge, and it’s sort of my brain. So I may not get any major writing done until the Apple Store fixes it on Sunday).

But even if I haven’t been missed, I’ve missed all of you, and promise to be back soon with thinky thoughts about shiny things.

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