Gallifrey One: Panel news and other goodies

I’ve spent this dreary Friday doing a large number of logistics for a large number of things, and in a moment I’m going to go out and brave the grocery store. Otherwise, it’s more enchiladas from the amazing, yet odd, Mexican/Teriyaki place across the street (welcome to my bachelor lifestyle — Patty’s been in India since January 5, so I’m on my own for a few months). Anyway, the place that makes the enchiladas of my dreams also blasts Abba, often. It’s pretty awesome.

Also awesome is that, on the logistical front, I can now report that I’ll be doing two panels at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles over President’s Day Weekend: I Ship Everybody With Everyone Else in Every Fandom Ever @ 10:30pm on Friday, February 17 and Sarah Jane is My Doctor @ 2:30pm on Sunday, February 19th. I encourage you to bring your adult beverages to the Friday panel, and I am hoping I will be in the clear to announce something I have coming out that’s particularly about Sarah Jane by the (likely to be emotional) Sunday panel.

Also, in the spirit of that first panel, take note that if you’re a Glee fan who will be at Gally, make sure to find me. I may have slightly appalling trinkets for you.

See you in LA! In a while. I’ve got a ton of other crap to do first.

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