Hugo nominations: please link me to your stuff

The early part of the year is, among other things, nomination season for the Hugo Awards, and general tradition in SF/F circles is for people to post the list of eligible things they’ve been involved with. For me, this year, that’s Whedonistas in the Best Related Work category and “Sanquali,” my lesbian werewolf story which qualifies as a novelette, in the anthology Bitten by Moonlight.

While, of course, this is shameless self-promotion especially to those planning to vote and nominate (all it requires is purchasing a WorldCon membership), it’s also me asking all my friends who have eligible titles this year to post links to their stuff, not just in the interest of the award thing, but because I am incredibly behind on reading. I’d make my own list from my to read shelf, but I know it has major gaps.

So, if you have stuff, please post in comments with links; meanwhile, please go browse the comments which will hopefully be flowing in shortly and check out anything you are moved to.

11 thoughts on “Hugo nominations: please link me to your stuff”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned this! It reminds me that I need to do one of my own because I’ve got two things from 2011 that qualify – The World In A Thimble from (re)Visions: Alice (which squeaks into the novella category at just over 18k) and “The Dragon’s Bargain” from Subversion (which is firmly in the short story category).

    I should probably do a post of my own this week. And start considering a WorldCon membership eventually…

  2. Wow, I never thought about it before I saw this linked on Christian’s blog, but the story I wrote for (re)Visions: Alice is eligible in the category “Best Novelette.”

    File under highly unlikely, but would be totally awesome! Also, if you still need a copy of this anthology, I have an extra, if you’re interested.

  3. Two words: SPACE DRAGONS!
    I’ve written what no one else dared to write and I make it work. My book is about the space dragons that are tired of being slaves and call their empire from space to deal with humanity. Right now there is only an ebook edition but a print version is coming soon! I’d love to be nominated! The book is poetry and short stories but mainly falls in the Science Fiction category.

    Please reply if you read it! I have published other stories nit includes in the book, as well as some poetry here:

    It’s so hard and tiring trying to promote it.

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