16 thoughts on “Holiday hiatus blogging query”

  1. I for one, think you should write about the mall. Because I’m sure your mall experience and my mall experience are so different. (Though I cherish the knowledge that I am in part responsible for the plexiglass shield over the Easter Bunny and Santa at my mall, hahah.)

      1. Hahaha, well. There was a candy store on the second floor that sold those tiny, tiny jawbreakers. As we were a roving pack of semi feral fourteen year olds, we always bought candy at the mall when dumped there by an adult. One weekend, it became a game of hitting the dude in the Easter Bunny suit with tiny jawbreakers from the balcony railing. It was hilarious, hilarious fun until we got kicked out of the mall.

  2. I voted Other, because I’d like to see posts about updates to your own projects. How is Dogboy and Justine doing? Consweet? The acting career? What about the flying lessons?

    If it wouldn’t be too prying, it would also be kind of interesting, I think, to see you talk about time and energy management. You do a million things…how do you manage to get them done in ways that other people maybe can learn from and apply to their own things to do?

    1. There will be announcements about a lot of things soon, but until I have concrete dates for things, I’m working harder on keeping stuff that’s in the birthing process more need-to-know than in the past.

      Part of my time and energy management this year has really been about making sure I know where the boundaries of my private life and the mechanisms of my public life are. It’s not that I’m less interested in people seeing how shit works, but this was the year I discovered I need a bigger, more explicitly me-only zone than I previously suspected.

      Also man, I am like an example of what not to do in terms of consistent energy levels and organizational skills. I feel grateful to everything and anyone who helps me stay on any sort of track like, well…. ever.

  3. Doctorin’ The Tardis, yes! But then I’m British, and I think we get all Doctor Who references by default – like we’re born knowing all that stuff! Sherlock’s pretty special though, I need to catch up on the new trailers.

  4. I learned “Doctorin’ the TARDIS” from an 80s nostalgia radio hour on my hometown rock station. I was very proud of myself when I then recognized it being hummed by Homer Simpson when he was zoning out in a night school class.

    My awesomest coworker at my last job was modding his car to look just like the car in the video.

  5. Thanks for the earworm (which chased out this morning’s earworm, “Skid Row” from “Little Shop of Horrors”). 🙂

  6. I voted for the mall because I’m a terrible person, and because your Ohio stories always kind of make me wince in hilarious ways. That said, I’d be equally pleased with the Doctor Who (Doctorin’ the TARDIS for the win) and/or Sherlock Holmes. Or, for that matter, American Horror Story, which I might actually have time to try watching over my long weekend if I’m clever.

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