Personal note: Swordspoint audiobook

Even when I’m aggravated by it (and let’s face it, we’re all aggravated by stuff we love sometimes), I adore fandom and, particularly, fanfiction. I will always be inclined to defend it and be honest about my participation in it for all sorts of different reasons including that it’s just fun and that it’s arguably an act of perpetual longing, which just totally fits how my brain works. But, most importantly, it’s also how I met my partner.

Specifically, Patty and I met writing fanfiction about Ellen Kushner‘s Swordspoint, which is sort of hilarious as far as romantic impetus goes. Because even with a glorious couple at its center, Swordspoint is not a romance, and wow, neither of those guys are anyone you want to date, even if they’re pretty awesome as far as narrative kinks go and are people that Patty and I can be said to be bear some slightly hilarious and superficial resemblance too: she is a scholar, who is taller than me, and is, on occasion, quite difficult; and I do, in fact, keep swords by our bed.

Anyway, Swordspoint is now available as an audio-book from SueMedia Productions for Neil Gaiman Presents/ACX. I’m telling you all because I love this story like burning, and it helped me find Patty, and there are some rockin’ voice actors on this, and oh hey, I also have a teeny, tiny, awesome credit on it.

It’s cool stuff that I think many readers here would enjoy — swords, queer people, intrigue, and witty insults, just to name a few. If you do check it out and want to find the fandom, it seems to live on Livejournal.

2 thoughts on “Personal note: Swordspoint audiobook”

  1. You met over Swordspoint! I was the copyeditor (and for its sister books, as Delia & Ellen became friends over the years). Our worlds, once again, intersect (or parallel) in strange ways. I’m extraordinarily fond of those books. I think, in fact, Ellen mentioned me in the dedication, though perhaps it was one of the others — I can’t remember. (And one of our cats chewed a corner off my Swordspoint copy signed by Ellen, which causes me to glare at her to this day. The cat, that is. Not Ellen.)

    I need to get the audio book when life allows me to do normal things again — it’s … Interesting Times this week. Or perhaps that’s exactly when I need a dose of that world. Hrm.

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