Foggy, foggy trash day

And it’s another rainy Friday. I feel like it’s been an incredibly long week in which I somehow also have nothing to report. That’s not actually true, of course — we’re continuing to unpack, guitar is continuing to soothe my nerves, I’m getting ready to go abroad for a couple of weeks on work, I got asked to contribute a couple more things to a couple more books, and I got a cute haircut. All in all, it’s been a good week. I’m just not sure where it went.

Food continues to be incredibly exciting as well. Aside from my addiction to the gluten-free dosas at Trader Joe’s (which are currently out of stock), Patty and I continue to love food in our neighborhood. Every restaurant we try to great, and there’s more food that meets out needs out here than I could have anticipated. My new fixation? Bare Burger, which truth be told, isn’t that close to our house, but I’m happy to go out of my way for.

I’ve also been eating delicious vegan, gluten-free goodies from a friend who sells at farmer’s markets and then sells any left-overs online (if you see this, let me know if that’s something you promote or just a you and your internet friends thing, because I’ll totally link you up — the stuff is AMAZING), and yesterday I got a taste of these amazing caramels someone I don’t know all is selling to help her family out of some tough financial times. I had the dark chocolate sea salt ones and they were amazing.

My own cooking hasn’t been too shabby either. Last weekend I made 3 lbs of Italian meatballs (well over half of which we froze), and I sort of want to find a project for this weekend, but between Patty’s food requirements and mine it can be a little tricky. If we finally make it to Jackson Heights as long-planned, I probably don’t need one, since that trip is all about food, food, food, food.

Now if only this rumour about Sprint finally getting the iPhone is true, I will gleefully put this week in the extra double win column. (Sorry, but I unlove my Blackberry).

2 thoughts on “Foggy, foggy trash day”

  1. Huh. And just when I was thinking my next phone will be a Blackberry. But the global trend is the way you’re going. I don’t like the iPhone (who makes a €600 device out of glass? REALLY?) myself and have been using HTCs for the last couple of years, and I like them. BUT my problem with touch screens is that I have a hand-eye coordination issue and no iPhones and few Androids come with physical keypads I can use by touch (because sight doesn’t work)… so yeah, Blackberry with friendly qwerty next.

    First time I got a touch screen, everyone I know thought I’d fallen out with them because I just stopped texting (and I hate talking on the phone, so they basically stopped hearing from me altogether).

    We’re particularly broke this month, so we bought a chicken the other day and I made a VAT of soup (so big it has to be stored in the garage instead of the fridge/freezer). We’d just harvested potatoes so we had loads of lovely waxy soup potatoes for it. That should last us at least until payday! And oh, whatever fancy cooking I do… homemade soup is just the best thing ever. Also, fished out the breadmaker and am making fresh bread to go with the soup! House smells like heaven. 🙂

  2. Can you pass me the link for the gluten free online goodies? There’s someone in my class who mentioned Trader Joe’s to someone else due to gluten issues. I can pass them the link.

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