Monday Morning Housekeeping

First all, for those who asked for a non-Kindle, ebook version of Bitten by Moonlight, that is now available via the publisher. Yay, and thank you for your patience.

For those that heard about my amazing medical dramas over the last few days, I’m fine, although it’s still hard for me to hold a glass in the affected arm without dropping it. For those who missed it: stepped on metal splinter, got a tetanus shot, had reaction to the tetanus shot, wound up in the ER. That drama started Wednesday night and went through Friday. Then I spent the weekend recovering. It has also, as you might imagine, been strongly recommended I see an allergist.

Additionally, I’ll be in Europe for work October 2 – 16. If you’ve got recommendations for ways to occupy myself in London on October 3 and October 15, do let me know. My birthday is the 4th, and I’ll be away from both Patty and friends, so I am trying to make the best of it but sneaking in a total of about 40 hours non-consecutive hours in one of my favorite cities. Dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant on earth is on, but otherwise, no real plans yet; help me out! (Also, if anyone wants to share their experiences about bringing a guitar on British Airways, let me know. I’ve picked it up again recently, and am contemplating bringing it along, but imagine that might be an adventure greater than I wish to have).

And finally, yes, I’m still three episodes behind on Torchwood; we may have to have a conversation about True Blood later, though.

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