natural disaster housekeeping

Normally when I say I have lots of news I mean that I have something being published or am appearing in something or doing a podcast or whatever. This week, I entirely do not mean that.

Right now we’re waiting for Irene, which is almost certainly going to knock out power (overhead lines, giant trees in the back yard); I’m also still literally bruised from Diner en Blanc, and hey, how ’bout that earthquake?

That said, it’s all going to have to wait until the other side of this thing, as I’m trying to get some work done before we lose power. We are also supposed to be heading out to San Francisco on Tuesday night, so you may be hearing from us from the other coast (In-and-Out Burger haunts my dreams!).

Stay safe, especially if you’re in the path of this storm. We’ll see you on the other side!

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