overheated trash day

Sorry I missed trash day last week folks. Housekeeping has never been my strong suit.

Around here life is quiet, but busy. I’ve just worked two 14+ hour days in a row, and Patty’s been recovering from an awful cold/flu thing. It’s also about a bazillion degrees in New York so we’ve been sticking charmingly close to home.

That said, we’ve been enjoying ice cream from Jeni’s. It’s an Ohio thing, but us New Yorkers can find it at Dean & Deluca. The price will appall you, but trust me, worth every penny. Honey pistachio? Brown butter almond brittle? Goat cheese and fig? Yes, please.

The week ahead promises to be sillier than I’m necessarily comfortable admitting. Friends are in from out of town; Marci and I are going to Glee Live, and just to own the concept of a week without any dignity at all, somehow I’m going to both the Darren Criss concert and the Charlene Kaye gig the night before (look, she does a jazz version of “Mad Tom of Bedlam,” so no matter what you think of the rest of this paragraph, you sort of have to admit that’s made of win).

Sometimes I think I’m in fandom because I was so bad at being twelve when I was twelve; I’m much better at it now. And speaking of the fannish experience, Patty’s got me watching Yami no Matseui which is so fandom’s id I don’t know what to do with it. It’s an education, and I’m enjoying it more than I would have expected.

All of that aside, I’m still doing stuff and some of it I’ll even talk about here!

First up, I just recorded a podcast as part of an amazing panel of women for Broad Universe that was super fun on LGBT themes and writing. I’ll link to it when it’s up.

Also from the department of the sound of my own voice: if you want to hear me talk about gender identity, bullying and be sort of loopy before getting on a plane to Los Angeles, the recording of the Livestream I did with the Harry Potter Alliance is up. There are things on there I wish I’d done better or said more clearly or judiciously (this is always true), but overall, I think it’s decent and hopefully useful to someone. It was a valuable learning experience for me and really fun.

Meanwhile, someone quoted a bit from my essay in Whedonistas as the lead-in to a discussion/poll about the “Xander gives Buffy advice about Riley” scene. I find that scene appalling. But other people don’t. I’ve already said my bit in the essay and am not engaged in the convo, but you can chat about it on LiveJournal.

Nearly finally, I have a story coming out in an anthology edited by Joselle Vanderhooft. The anthology is called Bitten by Moonlight, the story is called “Sanquali,” and it involves lesbian werewolves (as the whole antho does) and an alternate mannerpunk Rome. It’ll be out from Zumaya Books super soon, and when I have a link, I will update/share.

And last but not least, while I’ve already blogged this on LJ, my awesome nerd buddy of awesome, Christian, needs some help taking his top off (totally safe for work; he’s a transman working hard to afford some expensive surgery; and you can help by buying his stuff).

Have a great weekend, and remember kids, no matter how fannish you are about someone, unless they’re trying to crowd surf, don’t pull them off the stage.

5 thoughts on “overheated trash day”

  1. I saw quote from Whedonistas and cheered! I participated in the survey as I keep up with that group but I’m so bloogey from allergies having coherent thoughts is hard.

    I loathe Xander’s speech to Buffy about Riley. But mind you, I loathe Xander; he’s tied with Angel at the top of my list for least favorite Buffy characters. And Riley, I just feel badly for. He got caught in the crossfire that is Buffy’s real life, every day, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

  2. Listened to a bit of your livestream. What I heard sounded great!

    While I am always happy to write something and put it out there, I find putting my recorded voice out there far more stressful, so, hey, kudos. I end up doing radio interviews and not telling anyone. And then my wife comes home and is like, “Uh, Margaret said to say you sounded good on the radio,” (blatant lie from well-meaning person because I sound NUTS on the radio), “WHEN were you on the radio?”

  3. Story, AWESOMESAUCE. Did you know she’s putting out a call for submissions for a lesbian noir/mystery anthology too? That woman is, like, singlehandedly lesbifying literature. Or something.

  4. and remember kids, no matter how fannish you are about someone, unless they’re trying to crowd surf, don’t pull them off the stage.

    So yeah, I was at that concert – CRAZY. I don’t even know what she was trying to accomplish by doing that, like if he somehow landed in the pit next to her, he’d fall instantly in love and leave the tour and go marry her or something? Right.

    People are crazy. I’m just glad he didn’t get hurt.

    Also, can I just say that I am intensely jealous of your upcoming week of concerts? The Glee Live show is A-FREAKING-MAZING, but I’m honestly MORE jealous that you’re seeing Darren’s show. (Hopefully he’ll be able to keep his feet firmly planted on the stage at that one.)

    Lucky you!! And I hope Patty feels better soon … I still don’t have my voice back.

  5. Yami no Matsuei is yaoi’s gateway drug. I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that it changed my life.

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