fashion forward trash day

My life, it is editing. Editing, though, is good. It makes things better. It also means that things are closer to being out of my hands and into yours.

In less workaholic news, Patty has been inadvertently teaching me about nail polish. Now here’s the thing, I’m really good at giving other people manicures (I don’t even know), but this is not a realm of fashion in which I actually personally engage. But, now that she’s finally been victorious in a hunt for a particular shade of yellow nail polish that’s McQueen-inspired, I can tell you that I now know that nail polish comes in collections. I thought this data was freakish, but when I tweeted about it last night, it quickly became apparent that I am entirely the last to know.

On a slightly more critical fashion front, it’s reunion night at my private school. What am I going to wear? All I can promise you is dorky pictures of our grand spiral staircase later. Certain fannish friends know why.

Meanwhile, for someone who travels so much, it’s a little scary how itchy I am to travel. Of course, by this time last year, I’d already been to London once. My next plane trip? Boston. And then Pittsburgh. I’m feeling an urge for a little more grandness, but so it goes. I hate commercial air travel, but I love airport time, because it’s the great equalizer. Also, even with my lap top and wifi, whatever you want from me, I cannot provide because airport. I love that.

This weekend one of my oldest friends and her new husband comes to town. Which means, among other things, dinner at my beloved Emporio (gluten-free pasta options that tastes like my grandmother’s cooking).

Patty’s mom also arrives tomorrow, and then she’s headed back to Ohio for a visit. We’ll be reuniting in Pittsburgh for a friend’s wedding and then the trip back to New York.

Finally, this picture? is terrifying. Birds are so creepy.

8 thoughts on “fashion forward trash day”

  1. Peacocks are insane birds. (Also very tough and not especially tasty.) That is a picture that cries out for a thousand captions and weird stories.

  2. This is so funny — because I just figured out some intricate nail varnish stuff for my boss (nothing fancy like a collection!), who has the enviable nickname of Barbie. She’s like – what? I love putting make up on other people. I even occasionally enjoy it on myself, but rarely indulge because of the comments I get. So uncomfortable.

    And OMG I love white peacocks. So beautiful. And rare, not a single one in this country.

    1. I just keep telling Patty she’s my Kurt and she’s like “I don’t watch the show! I don’t understand! Is this good? Is this bad?” and I’m like “We had three conversations this week about a McQueen-inspired collection of nail polish. Trust.”

        1. She’s seen “Never Been Kissed” and asks me to tell her what’s going on in the show but beyond that has like no interest, so I’m probably safe.

  3. You are not alone, I didn’t know that nail polish came in “collections” either. I’m just glad it comes in the “Dries in 60 seconds” variety for I do polish my toenails for summer sandal wear.

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