Where, oh where, has the trash day gone?

Hey folks. I’ve just finished a week of work best described as brutal. Between that, and having had Patty home for one week (in which at least a day was lost to jet-lag and another 60 hours had me in Boston without her), I’ve been a little distracted. Actually, not distracted. Highly focused and unavailable seems more on point.

So what’s going on both here and in the world?

Well today, we have our first script-development read-through of Dogboy & Justine. This basically means Erica and I and some of our friends are going to sit around and read the first draft, while Erica and I scribble all over it to refine the voices. This, amazingly, is sandwiched between our going to a bridal shower and going to see Sleep No More tonight at 11:00.

Meanwhile, I’m still a bit OMG, Glee! Okay, I’m a lot OMG, Glee! My friend Marci and I are totally going to Glee! Live and there are evil cosplay plans afoot. I spent a really appalling amount of time last night researching the Dalton blazers and may have found the jacket that has to be the blueprint for them from some random fashion company in South Korea. The colors are wrong, but ALL the details seem right. I may order it to take it apart for pattern reference. Look, if I knew why I was like this, I wouldn’t have to write about it here.

As usual, my friends may not understand my obsessions, but they are generous with them. Ellen Kushner sent me a link to an article about the four Glee characters that are Jewish and how they map onto the four different kids referenced in the Passover seder.

It is, in case you missed it, almost Passover, which is the most wonderful time of year, not just for us Jewish and Jewishly-adjacent folks (Patty really likes seder, okay?), but for us celiacs. Exciting products abound! The products you are looking for are non-gebroks.

To close the loops on Ellen and passover, you should also check out the air dates for her radio play with music, The Witches of Lublin, which is super cool and also features my friend, Elizabeth Boskey, who is actually the person responsible for getting me my book contract a few years back.

In other news, Patty and I have almost figured out where to abscond to for our anniversary weekend (something which is complicated by us not being exactly sure when our anniversary is and our B&B of choice being booked for when we can go).

I’ve also gotten edits back on a few things which I need to work on, and had something I did on spec cut free, although I pretty much know what I’m going to do with it next, so that’s all fine.

Less fine is the ongoing domestic disturbance going on in the apartment above us, which has involved shrieking phone arguments we can hear in our apartment and very loud pacing at 2am, but such is life in New York.

3 thoughts on “Where, oh where, has the trash day gone?”

  1. I wish I was going to Sleep No More. The things I have heard! Please please write about it somewhere.

    The close up picture of the lives of neighbors is one thing I do not miss about apartment living.

  2. “Jewish-adjacent”! That’s the term I’m going to use for myself from now on. It’s so perfectly succinctly accurate.

  3. The HFCS-free Coke is FINALLY IN! I, um, bought six two-liters. Even though I shouldn’t be drinking sugar-water.

    Still loving your take on Glee, but got sucked sideways into Hornblower fandom, and my brain is entirely eaten by it! And, yes, I sympathize with being This Way. I am trying to tell myself I don’t need an Age of Sail British naval officer’s coat, especially if I have to sew it, but… omg want.

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