it’s raining (and not snowing!) trash day

It’s trash day and I’m in the middle of moving offices. In the rain. Pray to your gods for me, as long as they’re not evil.

Last night I booked Patty and I for San Francisco. I’m super excited, as I haven’t been in about four years. SF, is, for me, one of those towns I feel like I could never live in, but that resonates for me pretty intensely emotionally. Anyone out there have any recommendations for gluten-free restaurants (particularly in Chinatown) or bakeries? Also, I need a rec for the high-end hot restaurant that we just have to try. Giant redwoods, yes? Never done it. Combined with a tour that drops us in Sausalito for an afternoon with a trip back on the ferry? Speak to me. This will be my first trip there that’s not for business or visiting elderly relatives.

But enough of where we’re going, since that’s not ’til August. Let’s talk (briefly, one more time) about where I’ve been. The Whedonistas launch was rad (here, I make the thoughtful face); the books were snapped up, and the reviews (all good) are starting to trickle in. So yay.

And despite various logistical difficulties and the “but wait, wasn’t it a Doctor Who convention?” factor, a few pictures of my cosplaying Arthur from Inception did happen and are floating around Facebook. Main lesson there: everything takes longer than you think, and despite Arthur being really the perfect cosplay for me in terms of him being slight and not super tall, I carry myself like I take up a lot of space, far more so than Arthur does. Ah well, always Jack at heart, I guess.

In news of the world, which, as usual, you should really be paying attention to, things in Libya are a heartbreaking bloody mess that’s absolutely a legacy of colonialism and the US’s willingness to make nice with terrible people if it provides even an illusion of guaranteed access to oil at prices we deem marginally tolerable. While CNN hasn’t been particularly good for what’s going on in the big picture, and their analysis is spotty and US centric, I can’t say enough about some of these phone interviews Anderson Cooper’s been doing. Really heartbreaking. As usual, remember this stuff isn’t happening in just one country. Protests continue throughout the region.

Meanwhile, things in the US are pretty intense too. Aside from the war on women with bills aimed not just at legalizing violence against abortion providers, but federal level bills that seek to eliminate funding for women’s health and family planning services, the biggest news story is arguably coming out of Wisconsin, where union issues and the right to collective bargaining are front and center.

I’ll be frank; I’m both a union member (SAG now, and I’m a former CWA member) and someone who hasn’t been following this story as closely as I should be. But the right to organize is critical even if modern unions don’t always function how I personally want them to.

So, one of my readers asked me to link to some stuff. This includes videos (and transcripts) as well as links to various roundups. This isn’t just Wisconsin anymore, either, but has spread to Florida, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Let’s also not forget that New Zealand has had a terrible disaster. Here’s some words from someone there on what it’s like and how you can help.

Meanwhile, in the realm of people making stuff and how you can help, PodCastle is looking for voice actors. Additionally, while I’m not much for comics, if I were, I’d probably be a huge fan of (or making something like) Baritaria Historicals – The Assassination of King Valliet and The Birthday of the Princess. Check it out.

Oh, and that reminds me, both the empires in the book Kali and I are working on finally have names now, a fact which, while unimportant to my day to day life at this particular moment in time, helps me sleep better at night.

See you from the other side.

9 thoughts on “it’s raining (and not snowing!) trash day”

  1. Restaurant recommendation: I can’t say enough good things about Namu. Asian fusion, small plates, super cool people.

  2. I ❤ SF so much. The only hotel I've stayed in is The Good Hotel, at 7th and mission, and it's cheap for San Francisco, and very near my friends, and very environmentally conscious. not hot or high end, but if you decide you just was a place near the BART, it's fine. it's also right near the Asian art museum, which i enjoy, and city hall, where Harvey milk died.

    also, not exactly what you asked for, but i'll tell you what works for me: If one of you can drive, I'd suggest renting a zipcar for a day and just driving up to Muir Woods. It's not far, and you really don't need a guided tour for it. They have some people who speak at various times, but I was quite happy to just read the signs and walk around. It's a fabulous place. If you drive up north you can go to Muir beach overlook which is just wonderful:

    If you feel like making a whole driving day, Point Reyes is WONDERFUL in the spring, and I was just in SF in december but writing about this is making me desperate to go back.

    Also, it is super touristy, but I really enjoyed the alcatraz tour. it's all audio, and it's a former alcatraz prison guard narrating, and telling you when to walk and when to stop, and it was a fascinating feeling. also, hundreds of people are silently walking along, moving and stopping based on a voice in their headphones, and it was fascinating to watch. You might find it interesting.

    I have a celiac friend from the area, I'll ask her for recommendations.

    I hope you have a fabulous trip. I adore that city desperately. Oh, speaking of your city, are you going to Sleep No More? I loved it so much seeing it twice in Boston that I am going down to NY to see it again. I recommend it HIGHLY.

    1. Alas, neither of us drive, so everything is always complicated by that. We’re staying at a small boutique hotel on Union Square, as I have a decent ability to navigate the city from there, and, for whatever reason. The Alcatraz tour does sound interesting, more than I would have thought. We’ll only be there for 5 full days, but I’ll add that to our maybe list.

      I am very excited about “Sleep No More” and need to buy tickets for as late in the run as possible, so that Patty will hopefully be home and rested and into going to it as well.

  3. Like a lot of institutions, unions could use some overhaul, but the institutions themselves are very good. Same thing with government – these are both useful institutions that shouldn’t be thrown away when they can just be fixed.

    1. Yup, I had some bad experiences with CWA (I was one of the first Internet professionals they had to deal with and they didn’t know what to do with me, and so classified me as a secretary when I very much wasn’t and it kept my wages low), but the premise is very sound. And even with the SAG-AFTRA drama of endlessness, I am very glad to have SAG looking out for me (and they have gone after money I was owed and gotten it for me more than once when productions were being shady).

  4. The food folks I follow have raved about Contigo in the past; it’s Spanish/Catalan/tapas and I believe a lot of their dishes are GF . The atmosphere looks fairly casual.

    I went to an excellent Thai restaurant in the Castro on my only trip to SF nine years ago. If I can get the name from the friend who still lives there I’ll pass it on. I will go back someday, it’s really like nowhere else I’ve ever been.

    Somewhat surprisingly, Eddie Izzard has been a good source for news about Libya and the region on Twitter.

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