HPA guest blog up

While I’m at JFK enjoying airport time (and if any can tell my why my Mac randomly jumped to LA time while I’m sitting in the Soho Bistro in terminal 8 in NYC, let me know), my guest blog has gone live over at The Harry Potter Alliance. While you read, I’m going to sit here enjoying my celiac-friendly burger without a bun while having massive nostalgia as this place blasts Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn.” Now that was a different life.

One thought on “HPA guest blog up”

  1. That time zone jump generally means that your location preferences have been corrupted on disk, so the system has reverted to it’s default location, Cupertino, California.

    And yeah, that song — along with Bittersweet Symphony and Tubthumping — were in constant high rotation while I was hitchhiking around Britain. I hear it, and I see an ivy-covered cottage down the road from Churchill’s home, hear an old-man wailing ‘They put it on the public!’ over and over one night in King’s Cross, feel my despair as I begin to fear that my plan to ride a bike from Weston-super-Mare to Glastonbury is proving to be a tragically bad idea, and can taste a pickled onion in a fish shop in Stornoway. A whole month’s worth of memories laid down in a persistant imprint-vulnerable state come down fast and hard, so vivid that I have a hard time believing that I actually experienced them.

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