Harry Potter Alliance Livestream

So that? Was totally awesome! And not just because I got to procrastinate packing my luggage for Gallifrey One.

If you were there and want to say hi (or ask questions or whatever), please feel free! There’s some other content here about bullying and LGBTQ issues, as well as stuff about politics and my random life writing and talking about media and pop-culture. Also, since you might be curious: this is me as a man and this is me as a woman.

My first guest blog on the HPA website should be up soon, and there will be a second one, but I’m not writing that until I get back from Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, are you fannish? Are you for equality? Do you use Facebook? Then check out Fans for Equality.

If you missed the Livestream, I believe there will be a recorded version of it up later. More when I know it! Thanks to Andrew and Arletta and everyone at HPA for making it happen.

Okay, now I really have to pick out some shirts and ties for this trip. Later all!

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