on the scheduling of holidays

Patty and I have never made a big deal of Valentine’s Day, which is just as well, because she’s often away for it. We have had a couple together, but I can’t remember what we did for one of them, and she’s not sure what we did for either of them (although I may have just figured out the other one; I think that’s why we went to our beloved Pig Hill Inn last year).

And it’s not that we’re all “Bah, humbug, societally approved digging each other day.” We’re actually totally into having excuses to dress up, go out and splurge. We do it a lot, often with no excuse. It’s just when you have the sorts of schedules that we have, you wind up rescheduling holidays a lot.

So much so, in fact, that we just had to agree on the phone that we’ll save rescheduling discussions until she’s home because the list is so long right now: my birthday from last year, New Year’s (when we had the stomach flu), and Valentine’s Day. And she’ll be home pretty close to her birthday (which is right before our anniversary). So that’s a lot of stuff to get in there.

At any rate, on the phone just now, it started raining where she is in India for the first time since she got there. It’s not very good for the archaeology, but it made her laugh like there were shooting stars, so it was pretty awesome.

People heading to Gallifrey One: since Patty is somewhat known there (in addition to the fact that some of you actually know her) because of the year she was in Oman with pneumonia and I bought her the disease doll, be aware that there will be drunk calls to India while she’s on her lunch break and I will be passing the phone around.

And yes, she’s been warned.

6 thoughts on “on the scheduling of holidays”

  1. Ye gods, you two are adorable. I squee every single time you post a picture of the two of you being shmoopy, both because of how cute you are, and because of how cute the tradition is, that you do it before one or the other goes away for ages.

    1. Thank you. She’s gonna be all “why did you post a picture of me, eating a cracker, made of gluten, over your celiac head?” but I figured the red dress was on point.

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