Upcoming dates

Two quick items:

1. Starling now has a release date, and will be out on September 10, 2014 from Torquere Press

2. I’ll be in LA over the coming very long weekend, enjoying some decent weather, a couple of meetings, hiking (apparently), and a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll — all while occasionally skulking around Gallifrey One. At 3pm on February 15th, I’ll be speaking on the “Experiences on Demand” panel with Barbara Hambly, Jesse Alexander, Kim Rogers, Justin Olson,  and Sarah Mertan; we’ll be talking about the changing structure and delivery of screen-based entertainment thanks to game changers like Netflix.  Will I have slept or will I have watched all of S2 of House of Cards?  If you’re there, come say hi.

Marathon Day

Today was marathon day.  In all the years I’ve lived in New York (and that’s all the years, except for college), I’ve never lived more than a block from the route, whether I was in Harlem, Williamsburg, the Upper East Side, or my current neighborhood without a name (South Slope? Greenwood Heights? Sunset Park North? Clearly this frustration is becoming a thing).

For me, the marathon is as much part of the mythos of New York City as it is of the classical education of my childhood, where the origins of the distance of a marathon were drilled into our heads year after year.  It was always a thing I dreamed of being able to do, the same way I dreamed of being as pretty as Alexander the Great, who, once I became an adult, I found out apparently wasn’t pretty at all.

For a long time, running a marathon was something I was sure I would never be able to do.  Later, when I realized all the ridiculous stuff I could do simply by choosing to and working hard, I had to accept that the romance I felt towards the race — or at least the idea of the race — would always remain solely that.  The time I would have to devote to that achievement I have chosen to devote to other achievements.  It’s a loss, and a win, I’m more or less comfortable with, even if I continue to resent the limits of a 24-hour day and a need for sleep.

None of this, however, stops me from always going out to the route for at least a little bit.  My favorite things about the marathon are, and I think this is true of any marathon in any major city, the way it becomes a massive block party.  In a ten block stretch between my house and the supermarket, I saw three local bands, two DJs, a school-funding bake sale, four small business ventures, five people dressed as bananas, and a whole lot of cow bells.  Also, precarious viewing from roofs.  And one Boston Strong sign.

Somewhere, in all of it, two people I knew a couple of decades ago were running, a fact I know only thanks to the magic of Facebook.  I either didn’t get to the route early enough, or stay late enough, to cheer them on, but I felt glad of their being there.  It made a myth that has always been close enough to touch and yet also completely unreachable, just a little bit closer.

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Inception: The Musical – September 29th in NYC!

ImageYou are waiting for a musical. A musical that will spoof the far, far most successful film Christopher Nolan ever made that didn’t involve bats. You know where you can hear this musical, but you can’t be sure of the lyrics. But it doesn’t matter, because we’re all just having a good time together, and thought that you might want to share it.

Treble Entendre presents, Inception, an original musical by Erica Kudisch. 

Dom Cobb and his Dream Team may be the best in the business, but when they try to extract from the mind of a famous composer/lyricist, well… they really should’ve known what would happen.  Featuring Way Station favorites Antonella Inserra and Hilary Thomas as Eames and Arthur, with Joy Seldin, Kofi Mills, Marshall Honorof, Abigail Unger, Erica Kudisch, Rebecca Rozakis, and introducing Mr. Charles Rozakis as Dom. 

The show will be performed in concert with a ten-minute intermission, and some apologies to Joss Whedon.  

You may recognize several names here from Dogboy & Justine or various Kinkstarter events.  That’s because Treble Entendre is the same production company that brought you those adventures.  We’re thrilled to be welcoming people back, as well as to be welcoming some new performers to their first project with us.

Sunday, September 29th. 2:00 pm. The Way Station

683 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights Brooklyn

(A to Washington | 2/3 to Brooklyn Museum | Q to 7th Ave)

21+, No Cover (please tip your bar tender and be kind to the hat if you can).

What I did on my summer vacation

Clearly, it’s been a while.  I didn’t really mean to take the summer off, and those of you who follow me on Tumblr know I haven’t entirely, but writing here kept feeling challenging, so I largely didn’t, because sometimes you just have to follow your instincts. 

Also, it was a weird, weird summer of what often seemed like collective fragileness.  If you follow Glee, you know what that’s been like.  Rizzoli and Isles fans also had a heartbreaking summer.  I write a lot about death, often too easily.  Over the summer, the easier choice for me was not to.  On the above-mentioned items, I don’t much see that changing until confronted with the text that addresses the in-narrative repercussions of these real-world losses.

What I did do, was see Pacific Rim, which was a fabulous example of how tried and true tropes can make a whole new thing.  I haven’t written about the film, but I can’t say enough good things about Travis Beacham’s Tumblr.

I also caught up with Netflix’s House of Cards, which I can’t talk about without making grabby hands gestures and feeling like it ties in very tightly with our current narrative obsessions with hunger.   Yes, some thoughts for this blog will eventually coalesce there too.

Aside from spending some time in Europe for work, I also went on a wacky roadtrip here at home with friends that involved seeing Darren Criss gig a few times.  While I have a lot of conflicted feelings there about the packaging of fame and how deft, or not, that packaging is required to be that I may eventually organize for here, it’s certainly an excuse to extoll the virtues of live music in Philadelphia as opposed to New York and also highlight the general excellence of people I know. 

Ultimately, the gig of the summer to write home about, for me, was Adam Ant, and that I couldn’t make myself do it here, is a testament to all the raw places it hit me in. 

Basically, I read some books, ate some food, hung out with my partner, and worked my tail off on a ton of stuff I can’t talk about yet.  Some of those things will be getting announced very soon.  More and most of those things probably won’t be discussed until 2014.  But I’m typing so much my hands ache, and it’s delightful.

Regular updates here to resume shortly.  Thanks for sticking by.  Now let us know what you did on your summer vacation.

Glee: Tune in to FY Glee Podcast, Episode 7 (“Costuming on Glee: Symbols and Motifs”)

So it’s podcast time again this Sunday. This time I’ll be participating in a discussion on Glee‘s costuming and the way the show uses clothes to tell stories.  Long-time readers know this is the topic that got me blogging about Glee so copiously, and it’s going to be super fun to return to those roots.

Also on the podcast will be the awesome likearumchocolatesouffle, teiledesganzen, purplehairedwonder, and sothinky, some of whom you’ve possibly chatted with in the comments on this blog.

You can tune in Sunday 4/28 at 1pm EST to hear it live at the FY Glee Podcast’s YouTube channel, but there also be an archive version available after for those who can’t join us live as well as a transcript which I’ll link here when it’s available.

If you have topics you’d like to see discussed during this hour, please drop the podcast team a note at fyeahgleepodcast@gmail.com or drop into their new discussion forum.

Glee: Tune in to FY Glee Podcast, Episode 4 (“All the Other Ghosts”)

So it’s podcast time again this Sunday. This time I’ll be moderating a discussion on “All the Other Ghosts” that amazing fanfiction about Glee, superheros, identity, and fannish desire that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve pretty much said what I have to say about it, so you’ll be hearing from lurkdusoleil, purplehairedwonder, luckyjak, and yourebrilliant on a range of awesome topics related to this ridiculously complicated fic. You can tune in Sunday 3/17 at 12pm EST to hear it live at the FY Glee Podcast’s YouTube channel, but there also be an archive version available after for those who can’t join us live as well as a transcript which I’ll link here when it’s available.

If you have topics you’d like to see discussed during this hour, please drop the podcast team a note at fyeahgleepodcast@gmail.com or leave a comment here and we’ll try to get it in!

Dogboy & Justine — tickets now on sale!

At least some of you know that amongst my many projects is a musical called Dogboy & Justine, which is going up at the American Theatre of Actors June 13th – 17th.

This thing actually began its life as a short, non-musical play I wrote back in 2006, so, I am incredibly happy to be able to point you to SmartTix, where you can now buy tickets for our Equity approved Showcase.

We’ve been in rehearsals for a few weeks now and have an amazing cast and production team, each and every one of which I am in awe of on a daily basis. You can learn more about them at the show’s website, where we’re adding the cast headshots and bios daily.

So yeah. Stuff! Come see the show, and if you do, please come say hi.